WaterJet Cutting Machine

1. Cutting Principle:

2.  Cutting Table:

Technical Parameters

Accuracy of Motion +/- 0.1mm/meter
Max. Air Speed 250mm/sec
Max. Cutting Speed 250mm/sec
Max. “Z” Axis Travel 120mm
Max. Pressure 420 MPA
Intensifier USA manufacturer,  pump 30 KW Intensifier
with Inline High Pressure Filter and High Pressure Gauge
Structure of machine Planer
Motor moving speed 0~15000 mm/min
Control precision 0.001 mm
Working precision 0.1 mm
Incision gap 0.8 to 1.2  mm
Power 220v/240v/380v/460v,50hz/60hz
Control system AC servo


  1. All kinds of complex designs can be produced by the numerical control machine.
  2. Cold incision, without hot distortion and hot domino effect.
  3. No pollution, no poisonous air and powder.
  4. Processing high rigidity materials e.g. leather, rubber, diaper.
  5. Only way to process composite materials, fragile materials.
  6. Smooth incision, no residue, no repairs.
  7. Finishing the drilling, incision, molding, once-off.
  8. Low operation costs.
  9. High automated process.
  10. The machines can work on a 24-hour basis

3. Intensifier

The high pressure generator consists of a filtrate system, power system, hydraulic system, HP add system, HP Deposited system, cold system, pressure transfer , water control system and sand supply system.

  1. Streamlined design, easy operation.
  2. High speed, high effectively.
  3. Low consumption , saving power.
  4. New seals design, longer life.
  5. Easy to install, easy to maintain.
  6. Electronic balance equipment to make signal stable.
  7. Pressure auto alarm, better safety.
  8. Pressure protection
  9. Pure water cutting and Abrasive cutting can be switched.
  10. Can use two cutting heads.
  11. The high pressure pumps can be combined to supply cutter.
  12. Supply internet supervising.
  13. 24 hours operation.

Intensifier Technical parameters:

  • Size: 1750*1250*1300mm.
  • Voltage :380V/50HZ
  • Power: 22-37KW
  • Pressure: 420 MPA
  • Pressure ratio: 1: 20
  • Water cold circulation.
  • Electronic control transition
  • Water cycle cold or intelligent cold
  • Nozzle : 0.8mm 1.0mm
  • Water consume : 2.7-3.8L/min

4. Control panel & software


  1. The control software was develop by Nanjing University, intelligent and easy operate.
  2. The control system can save time from the design to transfer to cutting.
  3. CAD/CAM system code: GT
  4. Compatible format: DXF, DWG,IGS, PRT, ASC, STL,NFL,STEP.
  5. Can read CAD design automatically.
  6. Can adjust the technical data according to the thickness of the materials.
  7. Automatic cutting line.
  8. Automatic knife repair
  9. Calculates the line of cutting automatically
  10. Automatic zero point back.
  11. Automatic material supply
  12. Simulate at computer first
  13. Create projects automatically
  14. Make NC Project Automatically
  15. DNC transport function.
  16. Any complicated design can be cut.

5. Other option equipment

Not included in quote and needs to be clarified.


WaterJet Cutting Machine