QC12Y-6×2500 Guillotine Machine


  1. Frame welded, vibrating treatment to remove the inter stress, rigid, sturdy and durable.
  2. Hydraulic drive, swingbeam, return of knife beam is smooth and prompt by accumulator or nitrogen, steady & reliable performance.
  3. The position of the low blade can be adjusted to ensure the equilibrium of the gap after regrinding.
  4. The value of the blade’s gap is indicated by a dial, with reliable positioning.
  5. The backgauge is set by motor. The dials displaying the backgauge value and the shearing times are on the front of the machine.
  6. The stroke of knife or cbeam can be adjusted steplessly, conveniently and fast.
  7. Preselection of single or continuous strokes.
  8. Preselection of cutting number and cutting strokes.


Model QC12Y-6×2500
Shearing Thickness 6 mm
Shearing Width 2500 mm
Sheared Bard Strength ≤450 N/mm2
Shearing Angle 1.5°
Backgauge Range 20-600 mm
Number of Stroke 16 Min-1
Motor Specification Y132M-4
Motor Power 7.5 kw
Motor Speed 1460 rpm
Pump Specification 25MCY-1B
Pump Pressure 40 Mpa
Pump Rate of Flow 32 L/min
Overall Dimensions Length 2960mm  Width 1600mm  Height 1700mm
Guarantee 24 Months Free Installation and Training
QC12Y-6×2500 Guillotine Machine