PS1318 CNC Router

Description: PS – 1318

Working area: 1300 x 1800mm
Max engraving speed: 20000mm/min
Reposition accuracy: Spindle: 3.0KW
Spindle speed: 600 – 2400rpm 6
Tool Diameter: Φ3.175, Φ6, Φ12.7
Dust collector power: 3.0KW


  • Extra toolbox with
  • full set of bits – 3 of each
  • Extra Collet
  • Free software
  • Free training

Scope of Application

Apply to process the dimensional wave plate, cabinet doors, solid wood doors, craft wood doors, paint door, screen, craft fan window, shoe polisher, game machine cabinet, mahjong table and panel furniture products.


  1. The whole machine bed with steel structures welded, aging treatment of vibration to ensure that can use without deformation.
  2. Y-axis adopts double motors to keep stable moving.
  3. High accuracy, Rack Rail drive method with high speed.
  4. Imported Square Liner Rail, high accuracy, heavy burthen.
  5. Advanced international technology vacuum with double cavity, extremely strong suction of the vacuum pump.
  6. Intelligent protecting working table. Humanization Design of lathe bed vacuum and T-slot with clamps as well and easy working.
  7. Vacuum System and lubrication system, just push the button and easy to complete regular maintenance.
PS1318 CNC Router