PS 1930 8 Bit Tool Changer Router

APPLICATIONS: Industries and other uses

Product details

Tool: Magazine 8 Tools
X Working Area: 2000mm
Y Working Area: 3000mm
Z Working Area: 300mm
Table size: 2200x3700mm
Traveling Positioning Accuracy: ±0.05mm
Repositioning Positioning Accuracy: ±0.05mm
Table Surface Vacuum suction: Vacuum pump 2 sets of 5.5kw air pump
Dust collect system: 3kw double bags dust collector
X,Y ,Z Structure: XY gear wheel, Z ball screw
Max. Rapid Travel Rate: 60000mm/min
Max.Working Speed: 30000mm/min
Spindle: 9KW Air cooled ATC spindle
Spindle Speed: 0-24000r/min
Inverter: 11KW XFT inverter
Drive Motor: Japan YASKAWA servo motor
Driver: Japan YASKAWA servo driver
Reducer: Japan SHIMPO reducer
Command: G-code (such as *.u00*.mmg*.plt etc.)
Working voltage: AC380V/50HZ-60HZ/3PH
Control System: Taiwan LNC control system
Guide rail: 25 Square rail (TBI Linear guide)
Control cabinet: Independent cabinet


  • 2X Vacuum Pumps
  • Twin Dust Collector
  • Dust Collector Boot
  • Full set of Collets and Bits
  • Extra Tool Box
  • UcanCam Software


  1. Extremely heavy duty work centre, the whole structure uses steel seamless welded tempering aging treatment, strong rigidity, no deformation.
  2. Taiwan linear guide rail, double row ball slide block, loading capacity, smooth operation, high precision, long life.
  3. Adopting auto tool changing spindle, Taiwan ball screw, Japanese servo driving system and Japan SHIMPO gear reducer that results in extra fine finishing even on the most demanding applications.
  4. Industrial control system Taiwan LNC528, continuous carving during power failure and break point and speed control with the easy one-button operation, high efficiency, it is compatible with Type3, Artcam,Alphacam, Artcut, JD Paint, many kinds of CAM/CAM software.
PS 1930 8 Bit Tool Changer Router