Portable Plasma Cutting Machine (Plasma Cutter D)

Feature Equipment have added more functionality to the 1020H/ 1225H/ 1525H/ 1530H Series Product than the original ZZ series Product.

  1. Can automatically raise the torch height when the plasma is cutting. THC can detect the plate’s position and automatically adjust torch height to keep distance with plate so as to avoid knocking the plate and stop arc when the plate is uneven.
  2. Display arc, IHS, pierce setting, 6 indicators.
  3. Have the function of protecting the position of cap, approaching the position of switch and the position of double-speed.
  4. Status indicating function.
  5. Supports the plasma generators of both home and abroad brand.


ZZ-1020(H) ZZ-1225(H) ZZ-1525(H) ZZ-1530(H)

H is the model equipped with THC function (plasma auto torch height control)

Input Power 220±10%V AC 50Hz/60Hz 220W
Cutting Modes Plasma Cutting (Work with plasma generator) & Flame Cutting (Gas)
Effective Cutting Range
1000×2000mm 1250×2500mm 1500×2500mm 1500×3000mm
Track Length × Width × Thickness
2500×273×60mm 3000×273×60mm 3000×273×60mm 3500×273×60mm
Track Holder Quantity
2 pieces 3 pieces 3 pieces 4 pieces
Cutting Speed 50-3000 mm/min (4000 mm/min)/ 50-3000 mm/min (Max. 4000 mm/min)
Flame (Gas) Cutting Thickness 5-80mm / 5-120mm
Flame: piercing capacity 5-80mm / Edge Start: 5-120mm
Plasma Cutting Thickness Depends On The Capacity Of Plasma Generator
Working Precision ±0.2mm/m
Torch Height Control Style Motor Drive/ H On The Model Is The Automatic Arc Voltage Torch Height Control
Used Gas Types For Flame Cutting Oxygen + Acetylene Gas Or Oxygen + Propane Gas
Gas Pressure 0.1 Mpa / Max. 0.1 Mpa
Oxygen Pressure 0.7 Mpa / Max. 0.7Mpa
Guarantee 12 Months Free Installation and Training

(1)    Remark: Equipped With Propane Nozzle, Please Kindly Advise If Any Special Requirement.

Portable Plasma Cutting Machine (Plasma Cutter D)