(Hypertherm) Plasma Cutting Machine (Plasma Cutter A)

CNC Flame / Plasma Cutting Machine 

The Feature plasma cutting machine is a new style and high-performance numerical control plasma and flame cutting machine. It is a bench model cutting machine combining high speed, high precision and miniaturization. Working structure material is special industrial aluminum alloy sections, and separate with working bench. It has many advantages like human-computer interface, easy to install, easy to operate, run stable and beautiful appearance etc. It is specially suited to laying-off thin and medium thickness metal plate.

  1. Using high precision linear guides and double sides drive, it runs stable and noiseless, and works in high speed and high precision.
  2. Human-computer interfaced design, easy to learn and operate and full functions making it more humanized.
  3. Using 7 inch color LCD operation panel, and USB flash disk read program and software upgrade.
  4. Unique three openings design is easier for up load and down load plates.
  5. Supply high quality cutting bench according to the cutting size. Bars in it used separate unit assemble each others, and easy to replace when any one is broken.
  6. Whole CNCUT is easy to disassemble and move, and never suffer site restriction. It can cut arbitrary graphics on each metal plate.
  7. Suit for both plasma and flame cutting modes, and suit to cut each kind of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and almost all kinds of metal plate.
  8. Chinese and English interfaces can be easily switched.
  9. Has automatic memorize and restore functions when power outage.
  10. Has Advanced, Intermediate, Low-level three kinds of configuration and different choices of cutting ranges for fulfilling different demands of customers.
  11. Can add smoke and dust catcher, makes working environment clean and more environmental protection.
  12. Has wireless remote control unit. Using it can control CNCUT cutting at anywhere even far from control desk.
  13. Many kinds of anti-interference design and Configuration can effective shield plasma high frequency, and makes plasma cutting stable and safe.


CNCUT-1225 CNCUT-1530 CNCUT-2030 CNCUT-2060
Input Power 220±10%V  AC 50/60HZ  1400W
Cutting Mode Plasma Cutting; Flame Cutting (Oxygen + Acetylene Gas / Oxygen + Propane Gas)
Effective Cutting Range (X×Y)(mm)
1250×2500  1500×3000  2000×3000  2000×6000

Other Cutting Range Can Be Customized.

Plasma Cutting Thickness (mm) Depend On The Capability Of Plasma Generator
Flame Cutting Thickness (mm)  5-100
Flame: piercing capacity 0-60 edge start 150
Working Precision (mm/m) ±0.2
Torch lift range (mm) ≤90
Torch Height Control Style Motor Control
Torch number Plasma torch holder: 1set   Flame torch holder: 1 set
Plasma Optional Devices Plasma Automatic Torch Height Control; Plasma Generator
Flame Optional Devices Flame Automatic Torch Height Control; Automatic Igniter
Maximum speed Servo motor 0—8000mm/min     step motor 0-4000mm/min
Cutting speed Servo motor 20—8000mm/min    step motor 20-4000mm/min
Drive Style Dual Drive
Driver Lengthways Drive:2 sets Panasonic servo motors + reduction gears, dual drive
Crosswise Drive:1 set Panasonic servo motors + reduction gears
Control system 7 inch color/Remote Control (100 Square Meter)
Remote-control unit 100 meters unwire remote control 1 set
THC Plasma auto torch height control 1set  or  Flame auto torch height control 1 set
Flame device and auto ignitor 0 set
Other equipment Lengthways and crosswise drag chain
Valve group Software Australian FASTCAM(standard) 1 set  or  professional version 1 set
Plasma generator USA Hypertherm powermax 45A  105A
Moveable body 1 set
Guarantee 12 Months Free Installation and Training
(Hypertherm) Plasma Cutting Machine (Plasma Cutter A)