High-Performance Plasma Cutting Machine (Plasma Cutter C)

The Gantry CNC Cutting Machine has the same characteristics of larger machines, and can be used to cut any flat work pieces that are of line or arc elements. The cutting graphic can be programmed or drawn directly on the computer, it can also be transformed to a G-code file through the CAD file by USB, which can be found in the accompanying software. It is easy to learn as the graphic can be shown either statically or dynamically.

The Gantry CNC Cutting Machine is a high-efficiency, high-precision cutting machine, but features low labor intensity. It can be used to cut metal work pieces in different manufacturing industries, and to cut steel, stainless steel, aluminum and various non-ferrous metals.

Gantry CNC Cutting Machine is of gantry structure and has flame or plasma cutting styles. It features a high degree of automation, easy operation and maintenance, and better reliability. It also has a compact and sturdy structure as well as a reasonable price, which is the best choice for middle-sized enterprises.


Model ZX-3075
Power input AC 220V±10%/50/60Hz/0.5—1KW;
Cutting style Plasma
Tracks space between (mm) 3000
Track length (mm) 7500
Effective cutting range (mm) 2500×6000 (Size optional)
Torch lift range (mm) ≥150
Maximum torch number 1
Torch number Plasma 1 set; Flame 1 set (shared lifting body)
Cutting thickness (mm) 6-80mm
Cutting speed 20—10000mm/min
Demo speed 0—10000mm/min
Driver Frame drive:dual drive Panasonic A7 Servo motor
Beam drive:Panasonic A7 Servo motor
Control system Hypertherm EDGE PRO
Plasma torch height Hypertherm ARC GLIDE THC
Other equipment Lift pipeline & vertical drag chain
Conversion software PRO NEST 2012
Auto Gas system
Track base cutting rack Drawing paper provided
Guarantee 12 Months Free Installation and Training

Hypertherm Edge Pro

Servo Motors Profile

This machine is equipped with a servomotor.
Model:Servomotor, Panasonic, Japan
Feature:Strong power, Swift start and brake


High-Performance Plasma Cutting Machine (Plasma Cutter C)