Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

LF1325 fiber laser cutting machine


  • High quality laser tube: IPG 1KW
  • Untouched following system
  • Yasukawa servo system
  • Imported ball screw and linear guide rail driving system
  • Auto partitioned exhausted system
  • Industrial chiller
  • Off-computer control system (Supported files: DXF,PLT,AI)


Working area:1250mmX2500mm
Positioning accuracy:±0.05mm/m
Positioning speed:20m/min
Power supply:380V±10%/20A


Stainless steel Carbon steel Galvanized sheet



Material m/min
carbon steel 1mm 16
carbon steel 2mm 8.4
carbon steel 3mm 4.2
carbon steel 4mm 2.4
stainless steel 1mm 14.4
stainless steel 1.5mm 6
stainless steel 2mm 3.6
galvanized sheet0.8mm 10
galvanized sheet1.2mm 5.2
galvanized sheet1.5mm 3.6


Running cost


Electricity cost ≤6KW
Laser gas Not
Assisted gas Oxygen/Nitrogen/compressed air
The parameters showed are based on the client actual The assisted gas will be used according to the different materials (such as stainless steel and carbon steel). working situation, only for reference!
Fiber Laser Cutting Machine