Aluminum Gantry Plasma Cutter

Aluminum CNC Plasma Flame Cutting Machine With Hypertherm Power Max105

CNCUT-2560G-SE is Aluminum gantry CNC cutting machine. It is easy to maintain and to operate, and it is reliable also.

2560G are compact and rational construction, and the price is reasonable.

You may use CorelDraw and FastCAM Nesting Software.

Product feature:

  • The beam has double-layer special aluminum alloy structure, and the aluminum alloy has been processed by stress relief treatment and surface oxidation process which enables its high rigidity, high intensity and corrosion resisting and guarantees the precision of operation.
  • Lengthwise used double drive style to move so as to keep cutting smooth and with good precision.
  • Lengthwise used T rail especially for high precision rack. Its working surface has been made by grinding process, which makes machine work with stability and high precision.


Model 2580 G
Power input 220±10%V  AC 50/60HZ  1400W
Cutting modes Plasma cutting & Flame cutting
Transmission style Rack & Gear
Drive style Panasonic Servo motors double sides drive
Guide rails space 3000mm
Guide rails length 13500mm
Effective cutting range 2500×12000mm
Torch lift distance ≦90mm
Torch and number One plasma torch & One flame torch(Cutting 60MM)
Plasmas cutting thickness Hypertherm Power max105(25mm)
Flame(Gas) cutting thickness Piercing Capacity: 5-60mm    Edge Start: 5-150mm
Torch height control style Plasma Automatic Arc Voltage Torch Height Control or Flame Capacitance Torch Height Control
Cutting speed 0-10000mm/min
Cutting table We do not supply base and cutting table beneath tracks.
We supply drawings of cutting table, and user make by themselves.
Guarantee 12 Months Free Installation and Training
Aluminum Gantry Plasma Cutter